The Crown of Galea

Battle of Gryphon Woods

Tales from one Ethan Avanon

A surreal circumstance befalls our meager nation writing this on the road. From contrasting backgrounds, even species we are united for a grand undertaking towards consolidating a proper kingdom by convincing the respected kingdoms to bear arms for a threat not yet obvious to us. Conflicted interest between us and these factions certainly makes this quite formidable. Bloodshed already echoed through the clash of swords within the woods of Gryphon, those proficient in the arcane arts stopping momentarily to prep themselves. Curiosity irked me enough to rush ahead, ignorant to their plans though knowing time was of the essence. My instincts proved it true as some Caravans…one marked with the crest of Fendwyr.

We engaged them into combat, followed by the renowned Golden Regiment mercenary company known to be primarily light carpentry and for nobles. A status I envied and seek out personally, yet by other standards not marked in this parchment. Arrows rained and their forces were insufficient to say the least. Their cloaked leader of sort however showed true aim, penetrating the skull of the royalty. With combat closing in with the others arriving to overwhelm them, I learned their ploy failed as their true target was Princess Alea Fendwyr. She was one of the gallant warriors, a handmaiden took her place as bait. Perplexed by the evidence of gold marked by Riverend, it made me ponder if some knew of the ploy we had on uniting the kingdoms. One bandit revealed information, ensuring a fast death while the rest hung for their crimes.

Reaching the destination of Gryphon I know little of everyone’s adventure, minus the Princess and Prince whom ventured to their illustrious academy. A holiday tournament was upon us for the Ascension Festival. Travels went well with my goals aligned, acquiring a line of supplies from the military of Gryphon. A pleasant surprise was finding someone whom might possess the qualities for greatness. A young lady by the name of Tallis was found in the streets, mustering my generosity to offer her services and equip her properly. From there we likely head for either my home or Lord Highwind’s.



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