The Crown of Galea

Research into the Flame, Ceynara awakens

A log entry from Sorcerer Godel's private journal

While I was in the library the other day I found a particular book on Ceynara and Thaumaturgy. I don’t recall ever seeing such a book in the library before now.

The following day Lord Highwind requested our assistance in watching over his Cousin, the young Prince Highwind. As we arrived in the blacksmithing district men were spotted preparing to ambush the young Prince, thankfully our group was able to alert his guard and he was kept safe inside a Jasper Mindril’s smithy.

As I began weaving the Aether to protect myself from the archers my shield turned to flames, I’m unsure of how it happened, but I suspect it has something to do with that book. Further more my eldritch bolts turned to massive fireballs when I used them against the attackers.

I feel as though someone else was using magic in our group to attack the ambushers as well, I’m not sure who it is yet, but I suspect that Valdra may know more of magic than he lets on about, in the future I will be paying closer attention to him as I am able to in battle.
After moving past the first set of building, advancing to protect the prince, something moved me. I’m not sure what it was, or where exactly I was moved to, only that I was suddenly inside a building, and my vision seemed…altered, I can’t explain what happened in that moment but I was compelled to send another bolt out at a dwarf whom I now vaguely recognize now as having been Demial, judging by the scorch marks on his armor that match closely to those left by my attack.

I will have to make a point of appologizing to him for my actions, and pray that he doesn’t decide to strike me back in return.

A voice spoke to me then, commanding that I attack again, though I was not so convinced that was a good idea this time. Feeling I’d lost control of my powers at that point I broke my link to the Aether, and let my spells fade from me, though in the process of do so I seemed to have drained more energy that I expected, and I don’t recall what occurred next in the battle as I passed out.

As I slept Ceynara came to me, she called for me. When I am able to I will need to study further on the ways of the flame, I must find weakness to such power, in the future I fear that my new friends and I may not be so lucky when we encounter them if we are not prepared.

When I awoke I felt different, almost as though I’d been sitting near a blazing fire, and Ceynara has altered my eyes, I fear permanently, as the upper half is now as red as an early sunrise.



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