The Crown of Galea

Venturing into Galadrea

Gryphon served its purpose, although I was not expecting another tag along coming in the form of another Fae. This one held a scroll with the Seal which apparently belonged to Cyria based on Valdra’s reaction. Arduous for most, myself and Tallis enjoyed the comfort of the carriage on this unusually cold period traveling to Galadrea. Tales of my exploits and among other things led me to the Dwarven Smiths. Disappointment creeped in as nothing could be acquired, yet the meeting lead to potentially taking to their guildmaster whom possess Dranak’s Earth known as their type of steel.

Meeting back with the others at this lowly tavern, lets just say my reservations were well deserved. Someone initiated a bar brawl, the end result having myself thrown out by one of the brutes. Unfortunately, the guards were just as incompetent in this matter. Someone evading good pay was unheard of, probably stricken by the ale. Lord Highwind apologized by inviting me to dine at one of their most glamorous restaurants. Recognizing one of the individuals, I was awe struke learning that vulgar beast from earlier was a noble. Without haste I proposed a duel, though a counter offer was given instead. Challenging him at the Ascension Festival tournament. Amongst such discussions came up my page Tallis, Leonal citing the talents of the Ambassadors which could spout a better investment. Wielding economics vs personal feelings I accepted as now arrangements with the family will need to change for the opportunity presented will bare much fruit.

Each of us the following day indulged in other ventures until our fates interwined with an attempted assassination of the Prince Highwind. Unexpected was the creature of flame that ended up emerging as our resident sorcerer. I swear distrust is warranted if such random occurances happened more frequently. Nonetheless, I deduced this was a ploy of settig up my family based on clues and with what evidence gathered had thebest artist craft their likeness to reveal on bounty posters. These fiends would be captured and answer their crimes or at least be hunted like prey.



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