The Crown of Galea

Home at Last

Inadequate cooking, cleaning, and just everything imaginable; I am a living saint for making this lad my page. Hard work typically pays off or at the very least I hope traveling to the kingdom of Riverend. Stressing importance on minding yourselves, I did forewarn that unless pledging subordination or servitude, entrance to the family Manor would not be permitted. Lord Highwind and the Knight of Aradar were the exception to this notion. Apparently even with this geas, Valdra invoked his exoticism by bewitching my younger sister. Already a dozen or two suitors flock, why must he too? Worse he was a commoner!!!!

Wary of the obliviousness towards not suppressing no one, my sister would need to become a pawn on obtaining information. Choosing Lewis “Lucky” Lacey to check on rumors on the nobility was my biggest folly. Enjoying the noble life too eagerly, yet accounts mentioned a Dwarf and a Druid within his company. I will skewer the kid if rats pollute the establishment. Lord Highwind ever watchful alerted me on slaver activity. My guesses would be the House Compton based on their shady dealings. Apparently two families were in a fend as two of them were in secret in love, House Sighard and Rothwell. The best way to redeem Lewis would be to throw him and his company onto checking out a source of Lord Highwind.

Going in disguise I uncovered another troublesome faction in play. Highwind managed to dig up some insight on a rumor the page relayed. Valdra gt even the competition to fancy him. Prandar, Denial, the Sorcerer, and of course “Lucky” ended up extorting some words after a brief skermish. in which mainly was towards saving the page. The targets were outside of the city or would be within a few days. Time for an ambush of our own .

Venturing into Galadrea

Gryphon served its purpose, although I was not expecting another tag along coming in the form of another Fae. This one held a scroll with the Seal which apparently belonged to Cyria based on Valdra’s reaction. Arduous for most, myself and Tallis enjoyed the comfort of the carriage on this unusually cold period traveling to Galadrea. Tales of my exploits and among other things led me to the Dwarven Smiths. Disappointment creeped in as nothing could be acquired, yet the meeting lead to potentially taking to their guildmaster whom possess Dranak’s Earth known as their type of steel.

Meeting back with the others at this lowly tavern, lets just say my reservations were well deserved. Someone initiated a bar brawl, the end result having myself thrown out by one of the brutes. Unfortunately, the guards were just as incompetent in this matter. Someone evading good pay was unheard of, probably stricken by the ale. Lord Highwind apologized by inviting me to dine at one of their most glamorous restaurants. Recognizing one of the individuals, I was awe struke learning that vulgar beast from earlier was a noble. Without haste I proposed a duel, though a counter offer was given instead. Challenging him at the Ascension Festival tournament. Amongst such discussions came up my page Tallis, Leonal citing the talents of the Ambassadors which could spout a better investment. Wielding economics vs personal feelings I accepted as now arrangements with the family will need to change for the opportunity presented will bare much fruit.

Each of us the following day indulged in other ventures until our fates interwined with an attempted assassination of the Prince Highwind. Unexpected was the creature of flame that ended up emerging as our resident sorcerer. I swear distrust is warranted if such random occurances happened more frequently. Nonetheless, I deduced this was a ploy of settig up my family based on clues and with what evidence gathered had thebest artist craft their likeness to reveal on bounty posters. These fiends would be captured and answer their crimes or at least be hunted like prey.

Research into the Flame, Ceynara awakens
A log entry from Sorcerer Godel's private journal

While I was in the library the other day I found a particular book on Ceynara and Thaumaturgy. I don’t recall ever seeing such a book in the library before now.

The following day Lord Highwind requested our assistance in watching over his Cousin, the young Prince Highwind. As we arrived in the blacksmithing district men were spotted preparing to ambush the young Prince, thankfully our group was able to alert his guard and he was kept safe inside a Jasper Mindril’s smithy.

As I began weaving the Aether to protect myself from the archers my shield turned to flames, I’m unsure of how it happened, but I suspect it has something to do with that book. Further more my eldritch bolts turned to massive fireballs when I used them against the attackers.

I feel as though someone else was using magic in our group to attack the ambushers as well, I’m not sure who it is yet, but I suspect that Valdra may know more of magic than he lets on about, in the future I will be paying closer attention to him as I am able to in battle.
After moving past the first set of building, advancing to protect the prince, something moved me. I’m not sure what it was, or where exactly I was moved to, only that I was suddenly inside a building, and my vision seemed…altered, I can’t explain what happened in that moment but I was compelled to send another bolt out at a dwarf whom I now vaguely recognize now as having been Demial, judging by the scorch marks on his armor that match closely to those left by my attack.

I will have to make a point of appologizing to him for my actions, and pray that he doesn’t decide to strike me back in return.

A voice spoke to me then, commanding that I attack again, though I was not so convinced that was a good idea this time. Feeling I’d lost control of my powers at that point I broke my link to the Aether, and let my spells fade from me, though in the process of do so I seemed to have drained more energy that I expected, and I don’t recall what occurred next in the battle as I passed out.

As I slept Ceynara came to me, she called for me. When I am able to I will need to study further on the ways of the flame, I must find weakness to such power, in the future I fear that my new friends and I may not be so lucky when we encounter them if we are not prepared.

When I awoke I felt different, almost as though I’d been sitting near a blazing fire, and Ceynara has altered my eyes, I fear permanently, as the upper half is now as red as an early sunrise.

Battle of Gryphon Woods
Tales from one Ethan Avanon

A surreal circumstance befalls our meager nation writing this on the road. From contrasting backgrounds, even species we are united for a grand undertaking towards consolidating a proper kingdom by convincing the respected kingdoms to bear arms for a threat not yet obvious to us. Conflicted interest between us and these factions certainly makes this quite formidable. Bloodshed already echoed through the clash of swords within the woods of Gryphon, those proficient in the arcane arts stopping momentarily to prep themselves. Curiosity irked me enough to rush ahead, ignorant to their plans though knowing time was of the essence. My instincts proved it true as some Caravans…one marked with the crest of Fendwyr.

We engaged them into combat, followed by the renowned Golden Regiment mercenary company known to be primarily light carpentry and for nobles. A status I envied and seek out personally, yet by other standards not marked in this parchment. Arrows rained and their forces were insufficient to say the least. Their cloaked leader of sort however showed true aim, penetrating the skull of the royalty. With combat closing in with the others arriving to overwhelm them, I learned their ploy failed as their true target was Princess Alea Fendwyr. She was one of the gallant warriors, a handmaiden took her place as bait. Perplexed by the evidence of gold marked by Riverend, it made me ponder if some knew of the ploy we had on uniting the kingdoms. One bandit revealed information, ensuring a fast death while the rest hung for their crimes.

Reaching the destination of Gryphon I know little of everyone’s adventure, minus the Princess and Prince whom ventured to their illustrious academy. A holiday tournament was upon us for the Ascension Festival. Travels went well with my goals aligned, acquiring a line of supplies from the military of Gryphon. A pleasant surprise was finding someone whom might possess the qualities for greatness. A young lady by the name of Tallis was found in the streets, mustering my generosity to offer her services and equip her properly. From there we likely head for either my home or Lord Highwind’s.

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