The Crown of Galea

Home at Last

Inadequate cooking, cleaning, and just everything imaginable; I am a living saint for making this lad my page. Hard work typically pays off or at the very least I hope traveling to the kingdom of Riverend. Stressing importance on minding yourselves, I did forewarn that unless pledging subordination or servitude, entrance to the family Manor would not be permitted. Lord Highwind and the Knight of Aradar were the exception to this notion. Apparently even with this geas, Valdra invoked his exoticism by bewitching my younger sister. Already a dozen or two suitors flock, why must he too? Worse he was a commoner!!!!

Wary of the obliviousness towards not suppressing no one, my sister would need to become a pawn on obtaining information. Choosing Lewis “Lucky” Lacey to check on rumors on the nobility was my biggest folly. Enjoying the noble life too eagerly, yet accounts mentioned a Dwarf and a Druid within his company. I will skewer the kid if rats pollute the establishment. Lord Highwind ever watchful alerted me on slaver activity. My guesses would be the House Compton based on their shady dealings. Apparently two families were in a fend as two of them were in secret in love, House Sighard and Rothwell. The best way to redeem Lewis would be to throw him and his company onto checking out a source of Lord Highwind.

Going in disguise I uncovered another troublesome faction in play. Highwind managed to dig up some insight on a rumor the page relayed. Valdra gt even the competition to fancy him. Prandar, Denial, the Sorcerer, and of course “Lucky” ended up extorting some words after a brief skermish. in which mainly was towards saving the page. The targets were outside of the city or would be within a few days. Time for an ambush of our own .



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